Upcoming Workshops

Fall/Thanksgiving Wreath

Customize your own Thanksgiving wreath and make your loved ones feel welcomed in your home.

Customize your own  Fall/Thanksgiving wreath and make your loved ones feel welcome throughout the Holidays! 

Succulent Garden for Beginners


Create a beautiful succulent garden for your coffee table centerpiece, office desk or window sill. 

House Plants 101


Want to grow your house plant collection and create your own indoor jungle? This is the workshop for you! We will cover everything you need to know about houseplants and how to help them thrive in your home. 

BoxWood Christmas Tree


Create your own mini Christmas tree and decorate it to your liking with miniature ornaments! You will fall in love!

Macrame Plant Hangers


Add a chic feeling to your indoor jungle with a Macrame plant hanger. Your plants will look amazing!




Hold your favorite nature scenery in your hands! Terrariums are a great way to bring nature in doors without needing so much space. They are truly magical!